In Summer 2002, all property owners in the City of Los Angeles portion of the Santa Monica Mountains zone were asked by mailed ballot whether to establish two separate assessment districts under the Municipal Improvement Act of 1913 and the Improvement Bond Act of 1915. The ballot asked if property owners wanted to assess themselves no more than $40.00 per year over thirty years to fund the acquisition and preservation of nearby open space and parkland, and to annually clear brush to reduce fire hazards in their acquisition area. The balloting procedures were conducted under the provisions of the Taxpayers Right to Vote on Taxes Act (Proposition 218) and its implementing legislation. The measures were approved by a weighted majority of 77.3% in District One (East of the 405 Freeway to Griffith Park) and 68.1% in District Two (west of the 405 Freeway to the Calabasas border).

Brush Clearance and Fire Prevention Maintenance
The annual assessments include funds for fire prevention maintenance and brush clearance on public properties throughout the assessment districts. MRCA rangers based out of Franklin Canyon Park near Mulholland Drive are trained firefighters.

These measures also raise local funds to:
  • Acquire and preserve open space, wildlife areas and natural lands in the Santa Monica Mountains in the City of Los Angeles

  • Create additional parklands and trails

  • Protect important habitat and wildlife corridors in the Santa Monica Mountains in the City of Los Angeles

  • Prevent additional development and traffic by protecting undeveloped properties